B612 Revisited

by Jane Doe



Jane Doe re-recorded 3 older songs with the collaborative voices of three new and old friends. The small yet brilliant journey begins with the huskiness of Ledge Fortcher who's having Small Talk With The Devil. The song delivers it's dark and broody madness to the rocky disco type version of Ugly Man sang by a screaming, but pretty boy, who answers to the name of Zak Stefanu. All the ugliness is swept away by the chilling performance of Maria Zlatani. The long heart breaking story is followed by an acoustic song by Moss Doe, dedicated to a musician whose music has definitely influenced his musical direction. All in all, 4 small destinations for a dark, chilling yet groovy journey in 20 minutes. Enjoy!


released April 9, 2016

Music: Jane Doe
Lyrics: Moss Doe
Drums: Stratos Doe
Bass: Dionisis Doe
Guitars: Anastasis Doe, Antonis Doe, Stavros P
Vocals: Ledge Fortcher, Zak Stefanou, Maria Zlatani, Moss Doe
Engineered by Nik Doe
Graphics: Anastasis Doe
Produced by Nik Logiotatidis



all rights reserved


Jane Doe Thessaloniki, Greece

Jane Doe is an indie/ alternative rock band from Thessaloniki, Greece.

Jane Doe are:

Stratos Doe – Drums
Dionisis Doe – Bass
Anastasis Doe – Guitars
Antonis Doe – Guitars
Moss Doe – Words and Voices
Nik Doe – Sound mixing and Production
Yannis Doe - Visuals
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Track Name: Small Talk With The Devil (feat. Ledge Fortcher)
devil, devil do you know my name?
the one-eye tide and this bitter taste
you have some class, you have your price
but we are dots on the same dice

devil, devil, are you feeling alone
standing by the quiet of the telephone
i heard your sob, i saw your tear
and now i know that i'm not so weird

devil, devil, all these tricky words
are some kind of joke just to make some friends
i'm just the wall, you 're just the crash
and we all are believers of this bloody dust

devil, devil, raise your hand
this beautiful chant will have an end
you cross the line, you had your time
but after all what you got was mine

devil, devil, do you really care?
how well you did it or play it fair
the horror, the horror, was all we found
spinning our heads round and round

mine, oh mine was your human mask
all the weepy questions you dare to ask
the dark, the god, were all the same
devil, devil, do you know my name?